Book Art


Designed and hand-bound by Evangelia Biza,

in September 2018

Birch Std is used for texts and lettering.
Fine art digital printing from Graphicon,
on Natural White 100% Cotton 315gsm IFA 11 paper
Panel book, bound in paper over boards cover.
Blind block printing on the cover

Limited edition of 10 copies, signed and numbered by the artist.
Dimensions : 22X25X2 cm

My treasure box

Paper folding , sewing on paper , paper cutting
1/6   April 2014
24,5 X 15,5 X 5 cm

My submission to Kaleid 2014 London

My " Artist's Book",  created during the 
last summer's workshop
("Design and realization of Artist's Book in the digital age" )
of the School of Fine Arts, Athens,
 in August 2014, 
is just printed and bound

Title : "Σπαράγματα"   (Fragments)


Artist's book

Exposed Byzantine binding , handmade paper, printing, onlays, gold leaf

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